Please provide details of any ongoing financial connections / maintenance
Do you have any health issue or medication which may impact your ability to make a Will, understand our explanation of it or make the matter more urgent?
Please provide name, date of birth, gender, biological or stepchild / adopted
Please provide a list of all property, possessions, bank accounts, shares and policies including estimated values. For any property please confirm whether jointly owned with another and/or any split ownership details.
Please provide details
Please provide details
Please provide a list of any debts together with terms and amounts outstanding
Please provide names, addresses and relationship to you for your executors. These will be the persons who will ensure that your wishes and declarations as stated in your will, are actually carried out. Do not name more than four executors. Any jointly appointed Executors must act unanimously; there is no "majority rule".
Name any executors to be listed as replacement executors.
If you have responsibility of any children (under 18 years old) please provide the name and address and relationship to you of your chosen guardian and/or replacement guardians too.
Please provide your funeral and post-death wishes e.g. burial and any specific instructions
Please specify details of any specific gifts of money/property or another asset to any individual or charity or other instructions (name of receipt and amount /item)
What are your distribution instructions? Please provide details of beneficiaries including name, address and relationship to you and state percentage /share for each beneficiary and any replacement beneficiary e.g. to their children or to a different individual or family group e.g. niece, grandchildren, son
In the event that all beneficiaries be unavailable where should the estate pass to, please provide details of beneficiaries including relationship to you and any relevant percentage.
Please share any other relevant information or questions
Please confirm whether you have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place?
Would you like more information about Lasting Powers of Attorney?
I confirm the contents of these instructions are true to the best belief and provide authorisation for use of the contents for preparation of my Will.