Islamic Legal Advice Centre

"A Mercy to all Mankind". The Islamic Legal Advice Centre is a pro bono initiative of AL-HQ Law & More. It is open to everyone of faith, or no faith, to access free legal support in any area of law such as business matters, personal matters or any legal issue where we deliver creative legal options adhering to Islamic principles of justice, truth and law. Our aim is to provide a soul-enriching experience without discrimination, for those needing support for matters within, or connected to, the jurisdiction of England & Wales.

We provide businesses, charities, organisations and individuals with the opportunity to have a free case or legal issue health check at the local in-person or online legal surgeries. A qualified legal professional will provide a case diagnosis and options to empower the enquirer with specialist resources, a network of connections and a pathway to successful resolution of any legal matter. Simply submit your enquiry for allocation to a local pop-up clinic location or secure direct online assistance.

Due to the volume of enquiries received, for direct public enquiries, we will only be able to respond to those matters which meet our eligibility requirements and for which we have legal advisors with capacity to allocate a free appointment meeting.

Community Legal Surgeries

Connecting local students of law with opportunities to gain essential legal experience and commercial skills whilst supporting everyday people in the local community with access to justice in a range of different areas of law. Qualified legal professionals will be on hand as the law students bring you a free case diagnosis opportunity at one of our drop-in or pop-up Community Legal Surgeries near you locally. Get in touch to reserve an appointment.

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We work alongside and in partnership with charities, businesses, organisations and law firms to support wider reach of our legal industry initiatives for local, national and international schemes and programmes in line with our foundation and values of justice, truth and the law.

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