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Some of these links and codes provide us with commission, affiliation or a referral fee which means we can keep building a pot of funding for our pro bono initiatives which is important for us to fund independently, adhering to our values of justice, truth and law. We only include content we have tried, tested and can recommend. Whilst you might not like or need any of them right now, we hope you will consider helping us to help you and your local community too! We are working hard to keep bringing you 'More' so keep checking back here for future products, services or resources which you may like!

Beneficial Knowledge

The Blessed Seed

The many benefits of black seed are well known - but with so many companies out there it is a minefield on which to select, we have carefully researched and selected one where the opportunity for goodness is greatest. Get started on your journey to better health and well-being.

Beneficial Knowledge

Business or Law Clinic Start-Up

Setting up as an entrepreneur can be challenging and also rewarding. Get in touch with us for a package of support tailored to your proposal and get a head start in your business planning, with practical checklists, documents and templates all adapted in consultation with you.

Beneficial Knowledge

The Career Planner

The Lawyer - a specific career planner dedicated to aspiring lawyers or lawyers looking to make the next move. Plan, prepare and manifest your goals into reality with undated pages, timely reminders and inspiring quotes to see you through each year of career development

Beneficial Knowledge

Get Free Debt Advice

The Money Adviser Network is run by MoneyHelper and we have connected with them to bring you free, confidential and independent debt advice.

Members are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This will be the first step towards getting debt advice by understanding your financial situation, creating a personalised budget and drawing up an action plan.

Beneficial Knowledge

Free Pension Advice for Over 50s

Pension Wise is a service from MoneyHelper providing free, impartial advice for over 50s.

A free 1 hour appointment is available if you have a UK-based pension pot of any size.

The advice is from pension specialists and covers tax information and making an informed decision about taking money from pension pots.

Beneficial Knowledge

QWE / SQE & the LPC

With the phasing out of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) since 2021, there is a need for aspiring solicitors and relevant employers to deliver and record any Qualifying Work Experience (QWE).

Our external QWE confirmation service provides a service to support a qualification pathway for all ambitious legal professionals past, present and future.

Legal Counsel 1:1

Looking for an urgent and strategic advice session to take you to the next level. A focused and high impact 1:1 opportunity directly with the founders to drive you to clarity, provide a proven toolkit and set out a path to success on any legal industry matter. Specialising in matters of diversity and inclusivity for the Muslim community and faith-based legal issues.

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Examples Below

  • Setting up your own Law Clinic
  • Setting up your own Law Firm
  • Basics to Muslim Estate Planning Services
  • Basics to setting up Islamic Legal Services
  • Fast track legal advice or support
  • Legal or banking career advice
  • Faith-based consultation on matters of diversity and inclusion
  • Contacts and resources to resolve any legal matter

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