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We connect Islamic expertise with English law compliance to deliver a digital legal hub and beneficial knowledge resource centre for all to experience practical legal solutions founded on justice, truth and law.

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Our Vision

Our vision is an empowered community where we start as we mean to go on with active legal life planning, making informed decisions on every legal matter.

We are a social enterprise delivering a soul nourishing experience for the betterment of society founded on justice, truth and following the law of the land.

Where there is a lack of justice or a lack of truth in a matter, we will endeavour to raise awareness to facilitate change in the law and initiate active participation to make a positive contribution for future generations. We are advocates of justice, seekers of truth and scholars of law.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the 'Last Will and Testament' the First legal life planning document.

We have a faith-inspired foundation to legal life planning by offering bespoke services tailor made to your needs. We value the mind, heart and soul of people to provide a platform designed to cover the fullest spectrum of choice.

Our practical legal solutions aim to navigate your issues towards a path to success with pro bono initiatives in the form of legal advice surgeries and community law clinics, digital services, fixed fees and flexible subscription plans to ensure each client is served and assessed with a unique opportunity for specialist legal services.

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