AL-HQ Law & More was founded in 2021 as an alternative legal services provider to disrupt the status quo; we have embraced our faith to bring over 20 years of combined qualifications, expertise and knowledge to the legal industry in an all inclusive way for what we believe is a successful route for mankind in our diverse and evolving worldly matters. We aim to enhance personal well-being and share creative alternative dispute resolution for the community.

We take a four-pronged approach to the delivery of legal services and beneficial knowledge.

1. Belief

Whether you have one or none, it takes little effort to be respectful of one another. We support and encourage sharing of beliefs in a positive and non-discriminatory manner both individually and collectively.

2. Knowledge

What you know and do not know also matters. We support and encourage continuous professional and academic learning from a range of trusted and reliable resources.

3. Connections

Who you know and who you do not know matters, we take all the dots and redefine the landscape. We support and encourage networking with beneficial individuals and organisations.

4. Outcomes

What you do and the action you take can make a difference for the present and the future. We support and encourage delivering results tailored to your requirements.

Client Testimonials

"Benefitted from the advise given. Very knowledgeable."

M. Farooq

"A unique service given from the Islamic perspective is invaluable to our community. I hope more people will make use of the service."

Samina M

"The best service I have received, will recommend to all."

A. Akhter


About Us

Syed Aminul Hoque

Founding Partner & Director of Finance

Syed established an award-winning career in the banking industry since 2007 for the Royal Bank of Scotland including time with Natwest at one of the largest branches in Moorgate, London, he has an LLB and is particularly experienced in the business development of commercial and legal organisations. Since 2018, Syed is a freelance estate planner working nationally and conducts local community talks in his specialist subject areas. As Co-Founder and Finance Director at AL-HQ Law & More, Syed brings his financial expertise and knowledge to support the faith-based guidance.

About Us

Yasmin Nilifa Hoque

Founding Partner & Director of Legal

Yasmin qualified as a solicitor with BLM LLP, now known as Clyde & Co in 2010 covering defendant litigation for commercial businesses and public authority organisations. Since 2017, Yasmin has been a freelance law lecturer and retrained into the field of Wills and Probate. Yasmin is a consultant for private client legal services for law firms in Hampshire and internationally in addition to embarking on Alimiyyah studies for Islamic self-development. As Co-Founder and Legal Director at AL-HQ Law & More, Yasmin brings her legal expertise and knowledge to deliver a wide range of services and initiatives.

Legal Team

About Us

Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor

Profile Coming Soon

About Us

Munayah Hassan

Solicitor - Legal Consultant

Munayah is a dual qualified solicitor with over 5 years experience in matters of common law, Islamic law including Mirath, Wasiyyah and Muammalat. She also covers legal and regulatory compliance having started her legal career as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2017, she undertook various legal advisory roles following a move to the UK and completed qualification for the jurisdiction of England and Wales in 2021.

About Us

Legal Ambassador

Legal Ambassador

Profile Coming Soon

Pro Bono Team

About Us

Isra Sana Hai

Law Clinic Co-Ordinator

Isra is an LLB Law graduate from Queen Mary, University of London and is a qualified legal professional since 2017 with a background including roles at law firms in London and Kent covering litigation, probate and immigration cases. As a Law Clinic Co-ordinator at AL-HQ Law & More, Isra brings her legal industry expertise and knowledge to support those in legal need to have access to justice, truth and law as our founding features of the Islamic Legal Advice Centre.

About Us

Sahiba Ullah

Legal Researcher

Sahiba is an LLB Law graduate from City University of London. She is also an Aziz Foundation scholar and has recently completed her LPC and LLM from BPP University. Sahiba has completed a wide range of legal research work and has podcasting and legal writing experience, she is now working as a paralegal and as a Legal Researcher at AL-HQ Law & More she is keen to apply her legal skills to benefit the faith-based projects and community initiatives.

About Us

Areesha Hassan

Legal Intern

Areesha is an LLB Law graduate from the University of Southampton. She is developing her experience in all areas of law and has already gained an interesting range of commercial and legal experience, including being involved in community work with the Youth Commission on Police and Crime and organising various charity events. As a Legal Intern at AL-HQ Law & More, Areesha is active with supporting the local Community Legal Surgeries.